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Non refundable rental deposit

A non-refundable deposit is due upon the signing of your contract.  All labour costs and additional charges are handled in your final settlement.


When you rent The Civic Theatre, we require you to have a certificate of public liability and property damage insurance for a minimum of $2 million of coverage per event, with the Nelson Civic Theatre Society as the additional named insured.  This must be submitted to us at least one week in advance of your event.  Insurance may be purchased through a company of your choice.

Box office / Ticketing

Renters are required to sell their onsite tickets through our box office.  You also have the option of selling your tickets through our online system, and you may set up other pre-sales locations.  In the case of off-site presales, you must furnish our box office with a detailed list of pre-sold tickets at least 4 hours prior to the event.


All musical events or those that make use of pre-recorded music will be charged SOCAN fees. SOCAN fees are the greater of $35 or 3% of total sales per performance for popular music or 1.6% of sales for classical music. Socan fees will be deducted from your box office receipts on your final settlement unless otherwise arranged.

Merchandise sales

All merchandise sales are subject to a 10% commission. Renters are responsible for providing The Civic Theatre with an accurate product count before and after each show along with a written record of sales. The Civic Theatre does not provide sales staff or a cash float.

Concessions & receptions

The Civic Theatre holds exclusive rights to the sale or provision of food and beverages..  Our concession will be open during your event, unless otherwise negotiated.

Allocation of tickets to the Civic Theatre

During every rental, The Civic Theatre reserves a small number of tickets for company use.

Marketing support

The Civic Theatre offers a limited amount of marketing support in its rental fees. We will list your event on our website and in our public email newsletter and social media preceding your date.  It is your responsibility to furnish us with materials for this purpose, and not doing so forfeits this service.

Wheelchair access

Our venue is wheelchair accessible for patrons, and two spots in our auditorium are suited for wheelchair seating.

Our stage area is not wheelchair accessible.