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Join our Team!

Nelson Civic Theatre Society was founded in 2012 to revive and operate The Civic Theatre. It is through the support of a dedicated community of patrons, members, donors and volunteers that we have been able to begin and continue the operation of our historic venue. Today, while we employ a staff team for many facets of our operations, we still rely on volunteers for many roles within our organization and service.

One of our more regular volunteer roles consist of assisting with our membership table, located in our theatre lobby. Volunteers in this role help educate the community about our membership program, explain what the benefits of having a membership are and the importance of memberships for the theatre. They also process donations and gift certificates for the theatre at the membership table. Volunteers in this role should have excellent people and communication skills.

Another regular volunteer role, of equal importance, is ushering. Volunteer ushers ensure the safety and enjoyability for people visiting the space. We call our ushers “Good Time Ambassadors”. They assist people when they need help getting to their seats, and monitor the activity in the theatre when the show is happening. They also help in tidying up the auditorium after the shows, and directing the flow of traffic in case of emergency or for busier events.

It is recommended that anyone wishing to volunteer at the Civic Theatre have a decent understanding of how to navigate scheduling software and email communications. If you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you.  Please fill in your details below to find out more about current volunteer opportunities. We hold quarterly volunteer training sessions for ushering and membership roles. To find out when our next session will be, please sign up for our weekly newsletter (located on our home page) or follow us on Facebook!

Our volunteers mean the world to us, and because we have such a tight team, we ask that anyone wishing to volunteer be available to do so at least once every two weeks.

Want to become a volunteer?

Why Volunteer At The Civic?

Volunteering at The Civic Theatre is a wonderful way to meet people, learn new skills, and support your local non-profit independent cinema.

Some of our volunteer positions include:

  • Ushering
  • Membership sales
  • Assistance at special events and fundraisers
  • Office support and many other unique projects

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Volunteers have been central in our work to re-open the facility, grow our programming, and continue our vision to diversify our space and offer a valuable amenity to our community. We are grateful to our volunteers for continuing to believe in our vision and contribute their time, energy and enthusiasm towards our organization and our goals.

Our Volunteers