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Wow. What A Night!

Wow. What a night!

Our Gala Kick-off evening was memorable to everyone who came. We lit up the big screen for the first time in 3 years, and “Skyfall” was everything a Bond movie should be (bullets! Explosions!) Sixty people dressed as Bond girls, Bond villains, and Bond himself competed for prizes. Congratulations to all our prize winners!

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We’d like to give a special thanks to all the amazing local restaurants that provided appetizers for our guests:

Bibo, Busaba Thai, Finlay’s, Francyne’s Cuisine, Hume Hotel, Leo’s Pizza & Greek Taverna, Main Street Diner, Max and Irma’s, The Outer Clove, Ric’s Grill, Safeway, Save On Foods, Au Soleil Levant.


And what would a gala be without prizes? Thanks to all the local businesses that provided gifts:

The Art of Brewing, The Art of Chocolate, Baker Street Menswear, Bellaflora, Booksmyth, Nelson Brewing Company, Capitol Theatre, Central Bark, Fisherman’s Market, Global Underground, Grand Liquor Merchants, Grounded, Isis Essentials, Itza, Kolmel Jewelry, Kootenay Co-Op, Nelson Chocofellar, Packrat Annies, Railway Meats, RDCK Community Complex, Rel-ish Bistro, Reo’s Video, Sears, Snowpack Outdoor Experiences, Touchstones, Vienna Cafe.


Of course, non of this would be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers:

Our Ushers:  Josh Wapp, Cindy Sherry

Our out-of-the-blue-bar-setup-hero: Peter Schuh

Our Paparazzi: Robyn Sheppard’s LVR Class

Our limo driver: Ken Hand, West Kootenay Limousine

Running the membership table: Andromeda Drake, Janet Watson-Williamson, Diane Langville, Anne DeGrace, Brenda Nystrom, Anita Baars, Kim Barker, and Tara Cunningham.

In the ticket booth: Sean Santano, Eva McKimm, Fiona Morgan Brown

Serving food and drinks: Lori Orser, Shelley Anderson, Laura Ford, Deb Pasacreta, Linda Rimmer, Daphne Van Alstine, Petra Lehman, Paula Kiss, McKean Shave, Tibo Komel, Donna Ross, Audrey Kempin, Brian Benko, Peter Schuh

Our cleanup crew: Don Parks, Jane Miller, Cynthia Marshall, Kathy Letham, Cindy Sherry, Desiree Shave, Monique, Tara Cunningham, Soren Hvengaard.

Our events and marketing crew: Lori Orser, Anita Baars, Jane Miller, Josh Wapp, Roger Ley, Cindy Sherry

and of course our board of directors and staff:  Anne DeGrace, Rick Dietrich, Marilyn Mint, Jason Asbell, Darryl Santano, John Brand, Roger Ley and Sue Adam.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out a profile to get in our database.


Whats Next?

There’s no time to rest!  We are actively searching for more 35mm films for March, and hope to find a film for kids and a film for adults. We are exploring the TIFF circuit, New York Children’s Fest and are finalizing our pricing and policy for space rental for fundraising events with other groups and societies in our community.

If you have ideas for events, or wish to share some feedback, please do so!

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