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Why You Should Renew Your NCTS Membership

Why you should renew your NCTS membership

Josh_Darryl_MembershiptableIn 2012, 2,500 people became the founding members of Nelson Civic Theatre Society. At the time NCTS volunteers were downtown at the weekly farmer’s market, at the mall, at the Kootenay Co-op and in our lobby, among other places, working hard to build a supportive community around their vision to re-establish The Civic Theatre as a cinema in Nelson.  Their call to action was warmly received by people who wanted to show their support for the fledgling organization that was working so hard.  Some of our first year members didn’t even live here, but wanted to contribute to the effort to open and run our beloved venue.

Today, we are so grateful to still have an enthusiastic membership, although not in the numbers we saw in that first year.  We offer more value than ever now, and all for a very reasonable cost.  Members enjoy:

A discount every time they see a movie.  In the last year alone, we have saved members close to $10,000 at the box office!

Access to special member-only pricing.  Members save up to 20% more on their tickets with our Thursday Night and General Screening Punch Passes, only available to members.  We also offer savings to members who subscribe to our Art on Screen series (includes Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House live-recorded presentations).

Free movies.  Up to 12 of them each year, in fact.  Our Member Monday movies tend to be cult classics and cinematic favorites, all rarely seen on the big screen nowadays, offering a real treat for our members.

A say in the direction of our organization.  Members can vote at our Annual General Meeting.  This may or may not be important to you, but we deeply appreciate the effort made by members who come to the AGM.  It is important to us to have input from our members, and to affirm annually that we are serving their interests, and the overall needs of our community.

Ok, there is one more thing.  When you become a member or renew your membership with NCTS, you contribute substantially to our bottom line.  Your membership of $5, $15, $20 or $25 might not seem like a lot, but the income we receive through membership sales is substantial to us, and supports our continued growth and evolution as a charitable cinema organization.  Membership dollars help us to:

  • Improve our communication and outreach to the community
  • Bring interesting entertainment, documentary and educational programming to local audiences
  • Plan for the future development of our venue
  • Grow our administrative capacity (Ok, we know that doesn’t sound very interesting, but it’s pretty important for a young organization!)

In short, your membership–and the value you see in being a member–is really important to NCTS.  Please consider being part of our continued story and future success: start or renew your membership today!