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Nelson Civic Theatre Society is the sole tenant and operator of The Civic Theatre, and manages this facility as a cultural media arts centre. We are dedicated to the presentation of film and a wide variety of cinematic and media experiences for the cultural and educational enrichment of the community we serve.


Our film programming is diverse, and appeals to many different tastes and demographics, creating a wide array of access points for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We show independent, foreign and intelligent Thursday night films, documentaries, locally-made selections, new releases, and our Art on Screen opera, ballet, concert and visual art film series.

Because film distribution is dependent on supply and demand, exact selections and dates are usually confirmed closer to presentation dates.  What is certain is that our programming will include thought-provoking, creative, and entertaining selections responding to the diverse interests of our local audiences.

Educational Programs

In the daytime, The Civic Theatre frequently presents webinars, workshops and, on-site and live-streamed conferences and meetings on a wide variety of topics.  These events are presented at a low cost or for free to the community, with the goal of contributing to local knowledge and networks, and bringing new skills to people in our community.

Signature Events

The Civic Theatre presents a series of special experiences for our community each year, including the Zombie Walk, The Home for the Holidays Winter Celebration of Family and Friends, and our New Year’s Eve All Ages Pajama Party.  Please visit Signature Programs for more information on these events.

Other Events and Programming

The Civic Theatre is available for Rentals in the daytime and frequently on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  We accommodate a wide variety of rental clients, ranging from touring and local musicians and bands, to dance and theatre rehearsals, to film shoots.  For more information on renting our venue, please visit our rentals section.