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Wes Anderson Member Monday And Surprise Revealed

Wes Anderson Member Monday and surprise revealed

Hello everyone.  The votes were cast and came back in favor of The Royal Tenenbaums for our May 12th Member Monday movie.  A clean decision, but nothing is ever clean in the oft confusing and inconsistent règle du jeu of the various studios. Alas, The R. T. belongs in the camp of a truly one of a kind complicated distribution system, Disney/Buena Vista, who has taken Royal Tenenbaums ‘out of circulation’. Ostensibly this means that we can not play the film even if we were to pay the performance rights and show it on Blu Ray.  

Fortunately, half of Wes Anderson’s films were released by studios other than Disney and our close second place contender is with one of them. Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to announce that the winning selection of our Wes Anderson Member Monday will be Bottle Rocket.  Bottle Rocket is the directorial debut of Wes Anderson from way back in ’96.  Co-wrote by Owen Wilson and starring both he and his brother Luke, Anderson already had in place all the quirky beauty and tell tale signs of his signature style.  How many people got a chance to see this gem on the big screen?  The best part is that the film was recently remastered and will be coming to us on a theatrical DCP.  Come dressed up as a Wes Anderson character for a big old family photo on the Civic Stage following the film

This is a FREE for members event, but do not fret Dignan, calm down Margo, chin up Max, those excellent costumes will not go to waste, because you can sign up to be a member and attend this film and a free film a month for a year along with all the other benefits of membership right up to show time.

And now for the surprise…  as it did so well and so many people have asked if it is still screening, we have decided that we will do a back to back, first to latest, Wes Anderson double bill and present an encore screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel as our Tuesday, May 13 9pm late show.  Cheap Tuesday prices in effect.

To summarize:

  1. Bottle Rocket on May 12th – FREE, for members only
  2. Dress up as a character from the Wes Anderson universe for said member movie
  3. Catch the latest sensation from Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel, again or for the first time,  on Tuesday, May 13th.

[one_half]Bottle Rocket poster

Bottle Rocket
Mon. May 12 @ 7:30[/one_half] [one_half_last]grand_budapest_hotel_xlg

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Tues. May 13 @ 9:00pm[/one_half_last]


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