Ushering in a new era of possibility at our newly remodelled Civic Theatre

Josh Wapp, Enjoying the seats at the Civic Theatre

A note from our iconic usher, Josh Wapp:

“I’m deeply moved by this truly salt-of-the-earth community!

I remember going to the Civic Theatre since I was a little kid, whether to watch the movie, “The Man Who Would Be King” or to see Allan Ginsberg wail out his beat poetry. On Saturday night, the line-ups were halfway up the block on Vernon Street and people remembered the old days of movies at the Civic, before this new era of entertainment competition with Netfix and flat screens and iPads. Such a night it was!”



Three screens! Distributors require movie houses to show movies for lengthy periods (remember Titanic in Nelson going on for weeks and weeks?). With three screens we’ll be able to shuffle off those blockbusters that used to sit for weeks on end into one of our 100-seat venues and have something fresh in the large theatre all the time.


Preliminary Floor Plan - Three theatres

This community has a history of stepping forward. With private donations, grants, seat sponsorships, fundraisers and ingenuity, we can get there. And we’re already halfway to our first fundraising goal!

To install digital projection and Surround Sound in the main theatre space the price tag is $150,000. But the good news is, we’re halfway there! This comes thanks to a generous private donation of $60,000 coupled with $15,000 already raised.

[box type=”tick” icon=”none”]The Challenge:

To raise $75,000 in our community by May 1st.[/box]

It’s not so hard, really:

If just 250 people sponsored seats (there will be 450 seats total) and 125 more decided to donate $100 to our theatre, we’d be there!

Any and all support is welcome. Cheques made to the City of Nelson, earmarked for the Civic Theatre, are eligible for a tax credit. Click here for more information.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at the theatre again soon.

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