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12 Years A Slave, Another Thursday Adventure – New Screening On Mar. 4

12 Years a Slave, another Thursday adventure – New Screening on Mar. 4

twelve_years_a_slave_xlrgHello everybody,

I want to humbly apologize for last night’s epic near no-show of 12 Years a Slave.

First off, the issue was indirectly related to our IMB board failure the night of Dallas Buyers Club, but rest assured the projector is fully functioning as of Wednesday late afternoon.  

What then was the issue?

Well the IMB has a serial number connected to it and that serial number is part of the unique encryption keys that is given to each theatre to unlock the content on their servers.  I had the key ingested already for last nights film, but when we installed the new board all the keys became defunct.  The new serial number was sent to the 2 companies responsible for sending us drives and keys.  Technicolor was fairly prompt in issuing the new keys, in which we ran tests to confirm that in fact the keys did work.  Deluxe on the other hand did not send the new batch of keys until the next day.  I had no reason to doubt that these keys should also work, and as I had already built the playlist for 12 Years a Slave, I figured that I could load the key as soon as I finished ingesting Jack Ryan (Friday’s film), which loads in at almost real time, close to 2-hours.  You can corrupt the ingest by loading in another device while in process, so you have to finish the download first.  As soon as the film was in, I loaded in the Deluxe Keys with more than enough time to spare only to find out that they didn’t work.  I was on the phone with Deluxe and then part of a three way conversation with Christie, Deluxe and myself to trouble shoot.  We eventually got another Deluxe file to work, but not 12 Years a Slave, which made the issue more complicated. After emailing the working key and the 12 Years key for comparative analysis, we got the film up and running, but 40-mins late.
Keys usually come well in advance, but this was a unique situation directly a consequence of the failed IMB.  All in all, this won’t be an issue again as now Deluxe has modified our serial number in their system for all future keys.
For those who had to wait and those who couldn’t wait, I offer my sincerest apologies and would like to inform you that we are planning to have an encore screening of 12 Years a Slave on Tues. Mar. 4th following the Oscars.
Thanks so much for you understanding and continued patronage of this great community cinema.

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