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Thomas Middleditch Answers Some Questions For The Civic

Thomas Middleditch answers some questions for The Civic

We caught up with Nelson born actor Thomas Middleditch, starring in this week’s animated feature Captain Underpants, to ask him a few questions

Is it more difficult to voice act for animation than being on a set?
“Actually it’s easier.  Most of the time it’s just you and maybe the director in a sound booth and you are saying all your lines into a microphone.  Since the animation comes after the voice recording, you get to try out a ton of different things — how to say a line, maybe adding some new stuff, and then they get to just pick and choose what they like!   Plus you only work about four hours as opposed to twelve!”

With no cameras on you, did you perform the role in your underpants?
“I’m always in my underpants.  I’m currently in my underpants.  There are clothes over my underpants but I’ve never had the confidence to go “commando”.”

Did you pull any stunts when you were going to school in Nelson? If so, tell us about your favourite ones.
“I used to run a segment on the LV Rogers TV station called “What Are The Children Thinking?” Where I essentially just played a crazy English fop and interviewed my friends during lunch.  It received mixed reviews.”

What is Ed Helms like in real life? Did he perform his part in underpants?
“Everyone is in their underpants!  DROP IT.”

If you created a comic book character for Nelson what would it be?
“Hmm.  I guess he would be called Brodie Sugarfoot.  He’d be part x-games snowboarder, part hippy.  He’d wear a flat-brim hat, a hemp-knit sweater, tattered shorts and no shoes.  He’d always talk about “going up to the hill” and slide around using the powers of his many scented oils and artisan creams.”

For more of Thomas Middleditch, come see, I mean hear him, starting this Friday, June 16th, at The Civic Theatre.