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The Pitch (Mar. 11 – 17)

The Pitch (Mar. 11 – 17)

Foul-mouthed Canadian superhero to visit The Civic.

Along with Wolverine, Wade Wilson, otherwise known as Deadpool (Rated 14 A) is a Canadian citizen who is a product of mutant tinkering by The Canadian Government.  I wonder who was holding office when that went down?  Going by Wolverines time-line and his involvement with Weapon X, it would have had to been during either Lester B. Pearson or Pierre Trudeau’s time.  Whomever oversaw the project, it was most assuredly under Liberal leadership that Deadpool, one of the most unique and divisive characters of the Marvel universe, was created.

It is nice to see a character that so thoroughly breaks the stereotype of the apologetically polite Canadian, while thoroughly breaking box office records.  Deadpool just became one of only three ‘R’ Rated (U.S. ratings) films to break 300 million domestically.

Don’t miss the chance to see the film that proves that humor, albeit vulgar, belongs with the superhero genre.  Don’t be so serious, have a giggle with Ryan and um… Burt Reynolds for that matter, this week at the Civic.


Unfortunately due to studio restrictions we have had to postpone Royal Opera Houses’ new presentation of La Traviata.  New date to be announced.

Coming next: The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Superman v. Batman

Fri. Mar. 11 @ 7:30, Sat. Mar. 12 @ 7:30, Sun. Mar. 13 @ 6:45, Mon. Mar. 14 @ 7:30, Tues. Mar. 15 @ 7:30, Wed. Mar. 16 @ 7:30 and Thurs. Mar. 17 @ 7:30

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Mar. 18 – 24

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Mar. 25 – 31

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