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The July Newsletter

The July Newsletter


Welcome to the first Nelson Civic Theatre Society Newsletter!

Thanks for signing up for the NCTS newsletter – and thanks for your patience – we’ve been so busy this is our first one!

As this is the first newsletter we’ll try to keep it short, but we do have lots to tell you so please visit our website at for all our updates.

Q & A – We all love the movies so its no surprise that lots of people have lots of questions! Check out our Questions & Answers for the answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been asked. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer it!

Memberships – We are very excited to have started our Membership Drive. As a member you’ll really love the benefits once we open but in the mean time your membership demonstrates support to the City and brings our non-profit society the first round of financing to begin our work – we are all volunteers but unfortunately almost everything else costs money! Please join today!

Volunteers – Now that the ball is rolling everyone wants our theatre to re-open as quickly as possible, and the more hands-on help we can find the quicker we can get there! Many of you have expressed interest and the more you get involved the more fun you will have! We would love your help with:

  • Our membership drive: Help us attract new members! If you believe in this project you are already qualified!
  • Our publicity campaign: This is Nelson! Home to filmmakers, artists, writers, speakers and people-who-know-everybody! Help us share our vision and spread the word! Online, On-print and On-the-streets!
  • Fundraising: The building is over 75 years old, and by the looks of things so is the projector! We love the old charm, but not the old carpets. Help us raise the money needed to turn our theatre back to its glory and forward to its potential. Sure, we’ll sell seats but we’ll also go high-tech with an international crowd-sourcing project and social media campaign… there are 2.2 billion people online who might be movie-watching tourists!
  • Our feasibility study: We need people to help us nail down the financials and so we need folks with knowledge of theatres, old buildings, design, and of course our community. We know our plan is sound, now we need to prove it.
  • Our website: It’s pretty basic isn’t it? Come on, this is the movie industry! We need some action! If you’re a graphic designer, WordPress developer or social marketing guru we need your help! One day people will want to buy tickets online and you might be the person to make that happen!
  • …anything else?! Sign up to volunteer at Tell us a bit about yourself, and where you think you’d best fit in. Be a part of this amazing project and maybe one day you’ll see your name in lights!

Over the past few years everything has changed in the movie business – digital downloads have had a remarkably positive effect on theatres, especially in small towns! In future newsletters we hope to spark your imagination, and we hope you will ignite it in others, as we explore the possibilities of our historic (new?) theatre and offer updates, profiles, and insights into the movie theatre industry.

Thank you for your support and time and we look forward to seeing you at the movies.


The Nelson Civic Theatre Society.

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