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Developing our Youth Program

As a charitable society, we have a social mandate that requires us to serve the local community through education, outreach and cultural programming. Central to this mandate is our commitment to youth.

We offer youth work opportunities and employment skills training through volunteer and employment at the theatre. Currently, we are a significant local employer of youth, with more than a dozen local teens working in our concession and box office.  We also warmly welcome young volunteers.

Introducing Young Programmers

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If you are ages 14-24 and want to try your hand at programming stuff on our screen, we want to hear from you. The Civic Theatre wants to give you the chance to help us decide on films and be part of running an annual Youth Film Festival. We also want to open up our space to you to program screenings, bring your own video projects, play e-sports, develop professional mentorship opportunities, and more, depending on where your interests lie.

Our first crack at this is March 25 at 9pm: let us know what you think we should screen to entice other young people to come out and be part of getting our Young Programmers (working title) plan going. The goal is to put youth in the driver’s seat – so we need you to tell us whereto go!

Youth Scholarship

The Civic Theatre provides a scholarship to one graduate from L.V.Rogers Secondary School each spring, and we are a partner and instructor for local youth film camps and festivals.

Youth Week

In 2016-17, we are developing a youth creation and presentation project, that will be driven entirely by youth participants. The goal is for their work to culminate in an annual Youth Week celebration in May each year.

Want to be involved in our Youth Program?

More about this program will be released soon. If you are a young person between the ages of 13 and 18, and would like to be part of the formation of The Civic’s youth program, please contact Jason Asbell at