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Teen Takeover 2020

“Passing the torch to our youth and lighting up a new generation of movie memories.”

The cinema landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, most notably because of Netflix and other streaming services. This means that most teens these days are opting to stay at home and watch the latest movies on a tiny laptop instead of a big, cinema screen. In turn, they are missing out on a huge opportunity for cool cinema experiences, personal growth and a whole load of fun times with friends!

The local theatre is more than just a place to watch something on a big screen. It’s a community hub for connection through entertainment, and The Civic Theatre is committed to opening its doors, nurturing and encouraging teens from all walks of life to get involved with our teen takeover. We’re here to provide access, amplification and engagement for local youth in our community.


Watch, Think, Share

This youth program is provided under the mentorship of Civic Theatre Programming Director Jason Asbell and other local film professionals. It gives the opportunity for 15-20 local teens aged 14-18 years-old, to see five films over the course of six months (January-June 2020) and meet together after each film to share their thoughts. As a group, they will have the opportunity to discuss the films, and investigate what is meaningful and personal to them, looking at key themes, characters, and connection to their own experiences and the world around them.

Super 8 Workshop & Festival

Do kids these days even know what film is? This youth program adds a bit of retro to the lives of our local teens. Our Super 8 Workshop and Film Festival teaches youth participants how to shoot, edit, hand-process and project a super 8 film – all within a two days! They literally go from concept to completion in one super fun journey and get to see the fruits of their labour on the Civic Theatre’s big screen. The cohort gains skills in patience, trust, teamwork, and accepting the imperfection of analog work.

Reel Youth Film Festival

The Nelson Youth Film Festival is our opportunity to celebrate the film and video achievements of local Kootenay youth. It allows teens to screen their personal cinematography projects on the big screen (and we get the privilege to witness the awe in their faces as they watch their work play!) The Civic takes pride in our dedication to helping create a platform for our future creatives to be able to hone their craft.

Job Skills & Resume Building

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for teens to learn important workplace skills at youth events such as our New Year’s Eve Pajama Party and Home for the Holidays. This allows our local high school students the chance for key professional development in areas such as customer service and gets them ready for their very first job.