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Siri Knows Best!

Siri knows best!

Our friendly neighbourhood City Councillor and all around supporter and promoter of the Arts, Donna Macdonald. just sent me this story. I thought it was great!

“When I was waiting for the technical issues to get resolved for 12 Years a Slave, I decided to go get some popcorn. There was still quite a long line-up and the popcorn maker was slow, but it gave me a chance to catch up with an acquaintance I hadn’t see for a while. All good. After I got my popcorn, as I was heading back into the theatre, I saw a fellow standing in the queue looking at his iPhone, and saying ‘Siri, why does it take so long to get popcorn at the Civic Theatre?'”


Siri knows best!

Please donate to our Concession Upgrade fundraising efforts! All donations towards our $30,000.00 goal will be matched dollar for dollar!

Our current popcorn machine is old, slow and under sized for our theatre. A fountain pop machine, larger refrigerator for treats and more are on our shopping list!

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