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Santa In The House!!

Santa in the house!!

Santa does have magical powers – like transforming popcorn into candy canes.  We saw it with our own eyes this past Sunday, December 14, when we presented Home for the Holidays, The Civic Theatre’s Winter Celebration of Family and Friends, sponsored by Vince Devito’s Shoes and Orthotics.  Between our screenings of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman, and the timeless classic It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa landed on the roof of the Civic Theatre (we know because we could hear his sleigh above us, and the bells on the reindeer jingling), slid down some chimney up there and through the projection booth, and camesanta and jason 2 down the aisle with a jolly  “Ho ho ho!” before joining The Civic’s own Jason Asbell for a few minutes on stage.

Jason had a bunch of important questions for our guest, ranging from Santa’s pre-Christmas diet and exercise regimen to tips on how to stay on the nice list.  It turns out that Mr. Claus eats a lot of veggies in December, because he knows that he’ll get to eat more cookies on Christmas Eve than even he can imagine.  And it turns out that staying on the nice list isn’t actually too hard: “Keep your room clean, help around the house, and be nice to your brothers and sisters,” were some of the tips offered by Santa.  And then with the help of the crowd saying “Jingle Bells!” POOF – Santa actually turned a bag of popcorn into candy canes.

santa and christinaIt’s amazing that when Santa has so much to do to get ready for the holidays, that he would be able to find the time to visit with us for a bit.  Then again, this is the guy who makes it to every house on the planet in one night, so he must play by a different set of time rules than we do anyway.  It’s good to know that he flies over Nelson most years on a practice flight, so hopefully we can ask him to visit again next year!

Home for the Holidays was not only about magic tricks and Christmas cheer – The Civic Theatre was also collecting donations for the Nelson Food Cupboard, and we counted more than 130 food items and over $200 in cash donations to help provide food to families in our community.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event, and who brought food and cash gifts – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

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