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A Night At The Opera (Dec. 1)

A Night at the Opera (Dec. 1)

Due to the juggling required of a single screen trying its best to satisfy the demands of the industry while providing a nice rounded meal of other cultural tidbits, programming has a tendency to unsettle itself from original plans.

In this case our original Dec. 3rd show date for The Royal Opera House’s production of La Traviata took a small shove in a domino effect caused by the programming demands for The Penguins of Madagascar.  

Let it be known then, that Verdi’s famous opera, La Traviatawill know be performed (on-screen) Dec. 1 at 7pm.

Sorry for any convenience.   Please spread the word to the rest of the opera fans in your life and to those who should be converted.

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  1. Miss the Tempest and was sorely sorry. I’d written the date down twice: Nov. 7 and 12, checked again and Nov. 12 it was. Only it wasn’t. Damn. Went on the 12th only to find a million kids waiting for the mountain movie, certainly not the audience for the Tempest.

    Are there any other plays coming?

    Don’t think I don’t still love you, though, ’cause I do.


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