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Nelson Star Article May 4, 2012

Nelson Star article May 4, 2012

Nelson Civic Theatre group scripts plan for future


Cindy Sherry

Bob Hall photo
By Samuel Dobrin – Nelson Star
Published: May 04, 2012 3:00 AM

With the proposal deadline for the Civic Theatre looming at the end of this month, the group of community members dedicated to restoring it have been hard at work.


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  1. It causes me great concern when CORPORATIONS such as the CITY OF NELSON have only one thing in mind and that is the CITY shareholders bottom line.This theatre should not be considered for any other thing except that which it was design for .How short sighted we have become and how we all have been driven to be whores of the all mighty dollar.I commend the people who are attempting to save this from the fate of a squash court ,don’t get me wrong here i love the game. The reason why Nelson did not end up like so many other towns is because for the most part the core of the down buildings are joined together and it would have been virtually impossible to pull down the building and replace them with the more modern designs .It has nothing to do with Nelson’s fathers vision’s but with practicality, lets not desecrate a beautiful building designed for concerts and overall expressions from humanity for a few bucks in the coffers of the corporate agenda .

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