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To our Kootenay Screen-Based Industry (KSBI) Community,

At this time, more than ever, we are turning to our screens to stay connected. It is uplifting and inspiring to see all the ways people are finding tocreatively come together and build community online. It’s all about finding the silver lining in the clouds, or the ‘chiaro’ in the ‘oscuro’.

We understand how these measures of isolation and social distancing may have impacted you within the arts, media and culture sector. We are doing our best to monitor this situation closely as it changes by the day, and to keep you informed.

The KSBI program is an initiative that was started by The Civic Theatre. Since its inception in 2016, The Civic has been able to carry out its vision of being “More Than Movies” and a home for the local-screen based community – creating a shared space for collaboration and professional development, contributing to the overall growth within our regional sector.

While COVID-19 may be keeping us all in our homes,it can’t keep us from sharing ideas and content, helping and supporting each other, and building opportunities for the future. These are the reasons that The Civic started the KSBI program, and throughout the current pandemic, we intend to continue to connect and serve you.

Let’s help each other
We are going to keep posting in the KSBI Facebook Group, and we’re looking forward to bringing you a whole new era of virtual events, including meetups.  How can you help to make them a success? 
Just join in! 


Submit Your Films

Do you have any work that you’d like to share on our (virtual) screen? We are calling for submissions of your Canadian Content to virtually screen online as part of our “Films From Home” programming, now that the theatre has had to close its doors. Watch and support films made from your home, in the Kootenays, BC and Canada, from your home.



Share Your Skills

We are looking for new opportunities to maintain relationships and continue skill-building within our local crew base. We are organizing a series of online workshops. If you are interested in teaching, reach out.




Stay Connected

*Click here for some suggestions*

Please join the KSBIW Facebook group if you are a part of the industry or its offshoot industries (hospitality, tourism, retail) and connect with your peers. Be a part of the conversation with our online community of 350+ members. Subscribe to the Civic Theatre’s newsletter and contact Lynn Trinh at (Regional Program Manager) or Aeja Goldsmith at (Community Coordinator) respectfully if you have any questions about how to get involved.




Attend Virtual Screenings

Our physical space is temporarily closed in light of public health concerns around COVID-19, but community, dialogue, and education through media arts WILL persist. In our virtual screening room, you can watch from the comfort of your own home, but still be part of the communal Civic Theatre experience. Please visit our website for more information! Our team thanks you dearly for your continued support of our theatre, especially during these challenging times.

Stay Creative

Each week a new prompt can be found on The Civic Theatre Facebook page. Your job will be to take that prompt and create your thought, story seed, playful gesture through film to share with the rest of the Civic Theatre community
Here’s How:
  1. Check our weekly marquee prompts on Facebook. There will be two different options to choose from. You can choose one or both! We’ll be posting these every Monday morning at 11am. Make sure to look at the description and notes in our caption.
  2. Film your video (on any device you have, phones are totally okay and encouraged! You don’t need a professional camera at all!).
  3. Edit your video if necessary.
  4. Upload your video to your own personal Facebook page, make sure your post is set to “public”. You can check this by looking at “Who can see your post?” Hashtag your video with #covideochallenge so we can find it, and others can too.
  5. Tune in on Sundays for a curated selection of the week’s entries.


One last thing,

Nelson Civic Theatre Society (NCTS), the organization behind The Civic Theatre and the Kootenay Screen Based Industry initiative) is a charitable organization. Our income-generating operations from ticket and concession sales to rentals and advertising are the things that keep us afloat, and have been substantially impacted by COVID-19. We are pivoting as quickly as we can and working to find innovative solutions to keep our engine going, but we need help.

If it is within your means to make a charitable gift to NCTS, now would be a great time.



Developing A Local Screen-Based Industry

Connecting Local Creatives

Our Kootenay Screen Based Industry Workers group now connects over 200 local creatives, including many innovative industry professionals. Join Now to stay up to date with industry activities, including our monthly meet ups, screenings and panels.


Kinesis was a four day event celebrating Kootenay Cinema that took place in September of 2017. The event featured screenings, professional development, networking and open space sessions. Kinesis’ daily screenings focused on sharing the voices, stories and experiences that resonate with people who understand our Kootenay way of life. Kinesis was also an opportunity to bring together the many skills, ambitions, thoughts and stories of members of our local film community and to plan the next steps in the development of a thriving Kootenay screen-based industry. Learn More

Our Initial Meetings

In May and July 2016, The Civic Theatre convened two meetings of screen-based industry professionals to gain a better understanding of what the needs were and how we could support this sector.

At these meetings, we learned that there is an appetite for connection opportunities within the local screen-based industry (or “SBI”, inclusive of tv, film, video, commercials and online media) and the more pressing need is to simply meet one another and create a place for cross-pollination of ideas and learn about available resources that can be shared.

There was enthusiasm for The Civic Theatre becoming that central hub, and the group suggested many options for training, events, and amenities that could be developed here to support a more robust screen-based industry in our area. One strong wish voiced by this group was that our large stage space–which is currently used primarily for storage–be repaired and made available as a studio for film activities.

Nelson’s Screen Industry History

Nelson has a long history of film projects, ranging from American feature films like Roxanne (1986) to more recent local projects like Watershed Productions’ 9-part historical documentary series Dreamers & Dissidents (Knowledge Network), and Sherpas Cinema’s Into the Mind. However, we have never been able to establish a long-term, year-round industry because of our geographic isolation. Established professionals live here and do many projects elsewhere; emerging professionals have to leave the area to gain experience, or work in other jobs to make ends meet.

Building our Capacity

With the installation of fibre optic internet in our community and an effort to build connections with one another, the local tech sector has blossomed in our area in recent years, especially with the support of the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST). We believe that the same renaissance is possible for the screen-based industry here at this time, given the presence of The Civic Theatre, which is positioned to be a presenter, hub and central connector for this sector.

With the guidance of the SBI community, we will continue to receive stakeholder input and support for physical and programmatic development of our facility. We hope that the benefits of this project to the community will include diversified opportunities to connect industry professionals and the birth of future projects through collaboration, resulting in an increase in employment opportunities across this sector and economic spin-offs in retail, catering, hotels, transportation, rental equipment and even tourism.

Future Vision

With the future expansion of the Civic Theatre there will be spaces for offices, editing, and other screen-based industry amenities. From within the same building those locally produced and independent films can then be screened to the public for the betterment of the media arts community.