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Into The Light Of The Dark Night ….and Into A Really Dark Historical Fantasy Picture

Into the Light of the Dark Night ….and into a really dark historical fantasy picture

 At the stroke of 8:30pm The Civic Theatre went dark…with the exception of the projector of course. With a few safely lit candles and an acute ​​team ​of volunteers armed with flashlights that know the contours of our space like the inside of a popcorn bag.
New patrons sat quietly, and some giggled in the dark awaiting the next presentation. Many asked if there was a power outage – which made us giggle. The evening just got darker with the eerie foggy lighting and blue blood bath of 300: Rise of An Empire.
I gotta say from a sonic perspective our 7.1 surround sound is pretty bad arse and this flick will make you feel it. Further to,
The Wind Rises (Dolby 5.1)- Miyazaki’s final? animation – has exquisite foley sound that should really be experienced on our sound system ( final showing Tuesday April 1 at 7pm)
I digress, back to our Earth (since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 HZ—the ancient Indian Rishis called OM)
Sounds like most of the Nelson community observed Earth Hour as it was reported to be mostly a blanket of darkness.
Perhaps the “Earth Hour” babies will be crusaders for the cause or atleast turn their lights off when not in the room. These things although incremental in ones life, add up to significant numbers.
Earth Hour always reminds me of the Toronto black out 2003 (boy was it fun, and the restaurants with wooden ovens made a killing – wasn’t fun for all though).
What I want to share is one of my favorite murals and songs I think sums the necessity of  unplugging and “going dark”  best:
The Beatles – “Black Bird”… – Jess

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