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It’s A Go!!!

It’s a go!!!

It’s cold and damp out there, but we’re Singing in the Rain. Even Gene Kelly’s smiling somewhere.The big screen’s coming back!

Last night City Council unanimously voted to give the Nelson Civic Theatre Society the green light, or at least, the beginnings of one: a letter of intent for a 20-year lease (to be negotiated) and full access to the theatre. After the final raising of hands by councillors, Mayor Dooley grinned and said: “looks like you all want to go to the movies!”

And so we do! Now, the fun begins. Stay tuned for information about special events and volunteer opportunities. Memberships matter as we apply for funding, so if you were thinking about buying that membership, or know someone who hasn’t quite gotten around to it, a friendly push might be a good idea. Got a skill that might help us on our way? Drop us an email. Especially if you’re a millionaire. :^)

Huge thank yous, high fives, and back-pats all around to everyone who has lent a hand or good wishes in the journey so far. Now we can really say: SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES!




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  1. I am so very happy that this is going ahead!! I can’t wait for the first event. Let’s get to work. Count me in!

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