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Is This Seat Taken?

Is this seat taken?

We put out the Challenge–and you’ve been buying seats!

With your generosity, we’ve raised almost $140,000 of the $150,000 we need for digital conversion, with just a little over a week to go in our Community Challenge. Wow.

Here’s your chance to get your name in lights (that is, on our donor wall) and be part of a Community project that’s truly for everyone. If you’ve picked up a donor form or been thinking about it but just haven’t got around to it, now’s the time.

Of course, donations of any size are welcome, and can be dropped off at the Civic Theatre or Nelson City Hall or mailed. For full info on how to donate and how to get a tax receipt, click here.

It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, and it’s essential–because the future is digital, and with 2013 the last year for print films, the future is now!

Is this seat taken? Please–sit down!

Get comfortable with a community theatre that’s here to stay.

What Clint Eastwood has to say about the NCTS Community Challenge!

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