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Introducing CivicPoints

Introducing CivicPoints

You may have heard about our new CivicPoints program, which was just introduced this Fall.  We wanted to find a way to thank our most loyal patrons for their support of The Civic Theatre, and to encourage people who may not see films here so often to consider attending more often.

If you subscribe to other store, credit card or travel points programs, you are familiar with how this kind of program works: every time you buy a ticket, gift certificate, or a concession item at The Civic Theatre, you earn CivicPoints ($1.00 = 10 CivicPoints). Redemption starts at 250 CivicPoints, and you can use them to receive free movie tickets, popcorn and fountain drinks!

How to Collect CivicPoints
When you purchase tickets online, make sure you are logged in to ensure that you can add points to your balance for every purchase you make.  (If you are a member, you will see the additional perk of lower ticket prices than non-members!)

Very soon you will also be able to accumulate points at the box office and concession as well.  Please watch for more information about swipe cards for loyalty members and NCTS members.

How to Check Your Balance
Your points can be easily viewed & managed online.  Soon you will be able to ask for your balance at the box office or concession in person.

How to Redeem CivicPoints
If you have enough points to redeem for items, you will be offered the opportunity to use them, whether you are purchasing online or in person (coming soon). This is our current redemption schedule*:

Adult Ticket ~ 1,100 CivicPoints (CP)
Youth Ticket ~ 1,000 CP
Senior Ticket ~ 900 CP
Child Ticket ~ 900 CP
Tuesday Ticket ~ 800 CP
Matinee Ticket ~ 800 CP

Concession Items
Large Popcorn ~ 750 CP
Medium Popcorn ~ 650 CP
Small Popcorn ~ 500 CP
Large Fountain Drink ~ 350 CP
Small Fountain Drink ~ 250 CP

*NCTS may change the values of this schedule at any time.  Please see our program terms and conditions for more information.

For More Information
Please email