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In The News! Nelson Civic Theatre Seeks Digital Projector

In the news! Nelson Civic Theatre seeks digital projector

by Sam Van Schie, Nelson Star:

Nelson Civic Theatre Society got a lesson in the new reality of the movie industry as it struggled to find a 35 mm film to show at its first movie night on February 23. Many movie studios refuse to ship the film reels; instead they want to send cartridges with the digital film file which can only be read by a special $80,000 to $90,000 digital projector.

Despite these challenges, the society announced Monday that it had found a film available in 35 mm. The theatre will be screening James Bond Skyfall. It will be the first film shown at the theatre in three years.

Ley told the story of one BC movie theatre that fundraised all the money it needed for a new projector in just one week, after 1,000 movie lovers each wrote a cheque for $90.  -Read More-

NCTS V.P. Roger Ley presents at our open house. Photo courtesy Sam Van Schie/Nelson Star photo


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