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Help Wanted! As Our Theatre Grows, So Must Our Team!

Help Wanted! As our theatre grows, so must our team!

With the recent phenomenal success of our Community Challenge we are chomping at the bit to go digital, open weekly, run a crazy cool summer of movies, open for private events, organize fundraising events, costume parties, movie marathons, and so on, and so on!

To pull this off, our hardworking team is working hard to find some new recruits!

Where we take our theatre is limited not by imagination but by human resources.

With weekly movies, private rentals and special events on the horizon, we are reaching out to our community to find a few more community members interested in joining our team. We have an active websitefacebook page, and regular contact with our local media, all of whom are sponsors.

We are looking for experienced individuals who can help us:

  • Designing posters, membership cards, our website and other graphic design needs
  • Shape the vision of the theatre
  • Reach out to the community and our members through surveys and polls
  • Post regular blog articles to help tell our story and share our visions
  • Maintain our events calendar and work to promote our regular, fundraising and special events
  • Help us with branding and best practices
  • Bring some new ideas to our team!

If you have marketing experience, graphic design experience, web development/implementation experience, or just lots of energy and a love for our project please let us know!

As a non profit organization we are focusing our search on community members interested in volunteering for this great project – help us build the theatre our community wants!

With your help we hope to build a large enough team that we can minimize individual time commitments and keep people focusing on the areas of marketing they are most interested in and passionate about.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email me with a brief summary of your experience, interests, and why you think you would make a great addition to the Nelson Civic Theatre Society.


Thanks in advance,

Roger, Project Manager

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  1. Hello, you wonderful folks. Just saw “The Great Gatsby” in the new digital theatre and was wowed. However, I’ve noticed that the films you’ve been showing are all, like, “blockbusters”, for kids mostly of most ages.

    They don’t really appeal to me, and not just because I’m now a seniour citizen. I will be coming to the Thursday night movies, but how about we get some less violent, fewer gun-toting, crash-bang films, unlike what is shown on those wonderful movie screens in Castlegar.

    I don’t mean to criticize…you’ve done a terrific job and I’m happy as a clam (how happy can a clam be???) about the Civic Theatre showing films and the work that’s gone on to make it all happen, not to mention the non-gmo popcorn, too.

    Just a small request, is all.

    Love & Kisses
    Bonnie B.

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