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In collaboration with Icarus Films, The Civic Theatre presents Heimat is a Space in Time by Thomas Heise. By renting this movie online, you are supporting independent cinema and helping us get through this difficult time. The distributor will be sharing revenue directly with The Civic Theatre. Our doors are closed but we insist that your imaginations remain open. Thank you for keeping the art of cinema alive!

For more information about our Virtual Screenings, please visit our FAQ page.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The link above will take you through Vimeo on Demand. Rent this film directly through this special link that’s been created for The Civic Theatre.


HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME is a biographical detailing of a family torn apart at the turn of the 20th century. A story of people who by chance found each other, only then to lose each other. Now it is their descendants, their children and grandchildren who are beginning to disappear. What follows is a journey of reflection of time and the love held within using sounds, images and language. Yet some of it shall remain forever lost.

The film “holds the personal and the historical in elegant balance, revealing how all families are subject to forces beyond their control.” (Scott Tobias, Variety)


Country Germany
Genre Documentary
Duration 3h 39m