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In collaboration with Film Movement, The Civic Theatre presents The Grey Fox directed by Phillip Borsos and written by John Hunter. By renting this movie online, you are supporting independent cinema and helping us get through this difficult time. The distributor will be sharing revenue directly with The Civic Theatre. Our doors are closed but we insist that your imaginations remain open. Thank you for keeping the art of cinema alive!

For more information about our Virtual Screenings, please visit our FAQ page.

Click here to rent for $7.99

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link above will take you through Film Movement. Rent this film directly through this special link that’s been created for The Civic Theatre.


THE GREY FOX is a classic, Canadian western from 1982 and has recently undergone a brand new 4K restoration (colour graded by producer Peter O’Brien.) In this film based on a true story, Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth) is a fearless stagecoach robber in the days of the Wild West. After he is arrested and jailed for more than 30 years, he re-emerges into a bustling new world. But Miner cannot give up his old ways. Soon he pulls off a successful railway heist and goes on the lam in British Columbia, where he falls for bold photographer Katherine Flynn (Jackie Burroughs). But Miner was not built for settling down.

The Grey Fox

Genre Western, Drama
Duration 1h 50m