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Digital Installation, Warp Factor 7.1!

Digital Installation, Warp Factor 7.1!

7.1!? She can’t take much more of this Cap’ain!

150 Accoustic Panels – CHECK!

18 Surround Speakers – CHECK!

4 Subwoofers – CHECK!

2 new speaker alcoves cut, drywalled & painted – CHECK!

2 huge honking “horns” for Left/Right Sound – CHECK!

New Digital processors, amplifiers and  fancy whatsists – CHECK!


All systems online and ready for our Digital Launch Party – ……??    Scotty, are you there?

“Aye Cap’ain, I’ll have the system online faster than you can sing ‘The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond‘ but I can’t push her any faster!?”

Electrician Lindsay peeks out from behind our new Christie Digital Projector


A glimpse of our new digital sound processor and scalerOne of our 4 new subwoofers


One of our 4 new subwoofers

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