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Nelson’s New Cultural Media Centre – An Introduction

Nelson’s new Cultural Media Centre – An Introduction


To build a digital cinema like The Civic we installed technology that is capable of projecting much more than just movies.

Did you catch a glimpse of the hockey game on our screen a few months back? How about the larger-than-life Skype call with director Joel Heath prior to the ecoSociety’s sold out presentation of “People of a Feather“? Maybe you attended our first-ever Webinar “Profit with a Purpose” on Social Enterprise development?

Digital cinema means if you can put it on a TV, we can put it on our screen… your screen.

Whatever our Community can Imagine

The Civic Theatre is a unique venue in Nelson. We now have the best picture and sound technology in the Kootenays. We have a huge screen, a full stage, concession, seating for large groups and this is only the beginning.

As our feasibility study showed, a sustainable cinema requires multiple screens. Flexibility to show multiple movies to multiple audiences simultaneously. Each with technology capable of showing whatever our community can imagine.

Can you imagine visuals projected behind a DJ? Video game tournaments? Live sporting events? Sonic Therapy sessions? Symposiums and workshops? Live at the Met Opera?

More than a cinema

Our funding partners and advisors have made it clear – spending close to $3Million to build a cinema doesn’t make sense. There aren’t enough quality films and popcorn just doesn’t have those profit margins. We may be non-profit, but we still worry about the bottom line!

So what is worth this investment?

A Cultural Media Centre

More than a Cinema, Nelson’s new Cultural Media Center is about potential, opportunity, community-building, diversity, and many other choice buzzwords…!

Three theatres with a comfortable mix of seating capacities will allow simultaneous movies, private events, fundraisers, workshops and film festivals – maximizing use of the Civic.

When complete, two 100-seat theatres will offer flexible rental and cinema space. A larger 220-seat theatre will utilize the existing stage and screen providing a larger cinema and performance space that fits in well with the 426-seat Capitol Theatre.

Our social enterprise business model means we are forever connected to the community and to helping other local organizations succeed.


Imagine the possibilities of multiple screens and presentation spaces, coupled with the latest digital video technology and a fibre-optic internet connection to the rest of the world.

We see great community partnerships creating film festivals, local productions, fundraisers, workshops, satellite TV, TEDtalks, webinars, tele-conferencing, as well as a small venue live performances.

Future Ready

We have developed this vision and brought our community together to do much more than temporarily rescue an aged, unsustainable, single-screen movie house.

Much more than a theatre, the Civic Theatre will be a future-ready Cultural Media Centre.

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  1. I just realized this is the second part of the Hobbit. I guess I missed the first part. When did you show it? Does it make any sense to see the second part when I haven’t seen the first.


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