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Chas’ Blog- St. Vincent

Chas’ blog- St. Vincent

ST-VINCENT-POSTERSt. Vincent(2014)
running time 103 minutes
direction and screenplay by Theodore Melfi making his feature film debut
stars: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarhy, Naomi Watts and Jaeden Lieberher
Heartland Film 2014: Truly Moving picture award
Toronto International Film Festival 2014: 3rd placePeople’s Chouce award
A young boy(Oliver) whose parents recently divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the curmudgeonly raunchy, hedonistic war veteran (Vincent) who lives next door. When Oliver is bullied at school and loses his cell phone and house key, he knocks on Vincent’s door and asks to use the phone to call his mother. A friendship begins between the two and together with his pregnant Russian stripper girlfriend Daka, Vincent teaches the boy about gambling, fighting, stealing and other important guy stuff.

Bill Murray and the little boy Jaeden Lieberher(Oliver) are a joy to watch and Melissa McCarthy is well restrained (unusaual for her) in her role as Maggie, Oliver’s mother. Naomi Watts portray’s Vincent’s pregnant “lady of the night” girlfriend with incredible panache as she really throws herself into the part. Her performance garnered her a SAG nomination. The actor who amazes most of all is Jaeden Lieberher as Oliver whose diminutive form leaps past typical annoying children archetypes.
In sum, “St. Vincent” is a sweet lovable film.

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