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Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it?

Cindy Sherry wants your signature! Photo by Bob Hall, Nelson Star, April 8 2012

We’re coming up to our first Annual General Meeting! And yes, you want to be there–to celebrate how far we’ve come, and to see us into the future.



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I was at that first meeting in April 2012 when Cindy Sherry, Josh Wapp, and Jane Miller sat before an assembled group of 60 movie-lovers to ask the question: do we want to re-open the Civic Theatre? The answer, of course, was already clear. Volunteers pounded the pavement with a community survey and gathered 4,000 signatures. Now, a year and a half later, 2,000 of you have bought memberships–and that says a lot.

The ad-hoc group that signed up to help eventually became a solid workforce: a Board of Directors of the brand new Nelson Civic Theatre Society supported by some very hardworking Committees and scores of volunteers. What we all had in common was a passion for film, a respect for the beloved old venue, and a love of Nelson. How community-building is that?

We inherited a theatre with piles of dusty seats stacked on the stage, a gutted lobby, an old 35mm projector and mono speaker—and rolled up our sleeves. In the past year, with the help of so many, we’ve:

  • Completed basic improvements on washrooms and lobby
  • Cleaned, retrofitted, and installed 308 seats
  • Run a successful fundraising campaign ($181,000) for digital conversion
  • Installed a new digital movie projector, Surround Sound, and acoustic treatment for main theatre
  • Hired two project managers
  • Hired a theatre manager and support staff
  • Begun showing films five days/week and offering community rentals for film and live performance

So who cares about an Annual General Meeting? You do! Because you care about the Civic Theatre and its future. We need at least 10% of our membership at the AGM to vote for new board members (want to run for the board? Click here for the nomination package) and be a part of the meeting. Because we’re so wildly successful in our membership numbers, that means we need 200 people! So come join us; we promise the meeting will be efficient, interesting, and lively. We’ll even throw in a free movie and refreshments after the AGM for all attendees. How many Annual General Meetings do that?

Just the fun ones! 

See you there,


Anne DeGrace, president






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