Bring on the (non) Profit!

We are very pleased to announce another giant leap forward for our theatre’s future! The Nelson Civic Theatre Society is now a fully registered non-profit society.

Our team researched all sorts of business models, communicated with other independent theatres around the province, and thought long and hard about what would best suit the Nelson-esque way of doing business and, hands down, a non-profit was the way to go.

As a non-profit society we will have access to government, foundation and regional grants to help with our fundraising efforts. When you buy local treats, organic popcorn, and reasonably priced tickets you can feel great knowing we will be able to keep our money here in the community where it belongs. Via scholarships for students, donations to local film and theatre groups and any other great investments we can identify we hope to make our new theatre a staple in our region’s film and arts community.

As we all know, Nelson is a wonderfully special place full of “mom and pop” shops, independent businesses, and a community-minded approach to almost everything we do, so running our local theatre as a non-profit is simply a no-brainer.

Now we have full society status we can begin our fundraising efforts as well as form our Board of Directors and identifying the working groups and committees we need to re-open our theatre.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills and energy and would like to be involved with this very exciting project please send us your contact information and comments. We are looking for community members from all spectrums of talents, skills and interests and will be identifying our working groups over the next few weeks. There is a huge amount of work to do and the more community involvement we have the better our theatre will be!

A special thanks to Ken for all the work you did jumping through government hoops and red-tape!


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