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Brilliant Programming Or Dumb Luck? + A Dramatic Near Miss

Brilliant programming or dumb luck? + a dramatic near miss

Whether it be through my excellent Kootenay Karma or predictive prowess, this weekend we are screening 3 of the best pic nominations for the Academy Awards that were just announced yesterday.
Dallas Buyers Club last night was a full house and a failed IMB (Distributor security feature) almost made us go black.  Jess, the assistant manager and I were on the phone to three techs who all couldn’t get us past the failure screen.  I was told that they would escalate it to their supervisor.  Relieved that they were bringing out the big guns, I waited on the line until a dial tone began blaring in my ear.  What the heck!  A call back and another trip through the whole menu thing to a different contact who knew nothing of our plight and needed to be acquainted explained that escalating means an email to the supervisor.  I say our show is in under an hour, would the phone not be quicker?
Meanwhile Jess calls in Steve Vermaat, our volunteer electronics guru, who rushes in through the glass door moments later and is received like an eagerly awaited celebrated neurosurgeon entering through the operating room door. We finally get a call from the supervisor tech and follow his instructions for a reboot.  I tell him what we see and he reports that the board doesn’t look good.  “Well that’s that then”.  Any other cinema with less impassioned proponents would have thrown in the towel and waited for a technician to fly in, but not at the Civic by god and not for an Oscar contender like Dallas Buyers Club.  As I begin contemplating how we are going to break the news to the huge line up outside, the tech chimes in, we’re going to try one more thing. He guides us to a secret hidden key to the light engine, and with a back end password, dismantling the top of the projector and a reseat of the board later, we are up and running with 10 minutes to spare – Just don’t turn off the projector until a new board can be sent.
I’m sure everyone who enjoyed the film last night will join me in thanking Steve, Jess, and Damien (the angel in my ear) for getting the show up and rolling. I would also like to thank all of you who make these films such a success and worth the adventure of keeping them going.
We will be seeing you for the week’s other Oscar contenders American Hustle and Nebraska.
Thanks again,

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