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Volunteer Spotlight: Caitlyn

Volunteer Spotlight: Caitlyn

Post Series: Volunteer Spotlight
This is Caitlyn. She’s been a Civic Theatre volunteer for two years, and is one of our most knowledgable volunteers when it comes to our Membership Program.

Caitlyn has helped us with our Member Call-out Initiative since last Spring, meaning she calls former members to inform them of the new changes to our membership program and sees if they want to renew their membership.

Since the initiative started, our membership renewals have gone up by 25%, and we’ve accumulated valuable information regarding what our former members would like to see out of the program. Many people didn’t even know about our new points system, or the fact that those points add up to free movies and concession items!

Caitlyn has also helped people renew memberships online or over the phone, making it easier for people to get back to being a Civic Member.

Thanks so much Caitlyn! Your service has been extremely valuable, and we greatly appreciate your knowledge and efforts.

Check out this interview we did with Caitlyn about her role as a volunteer with the Civic Theatre.