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Twas the Week…

Nelson Civic Theatre Society President Marilyn Mint, Society Director Brian May, and Randy Horswill of Home Hardware Building Centre. This Nelson business just made the first local commitment to the theatre’s Community Capital Campaign.

Twas the week after Christmas, when all thru the town
No non-skiers were stirring, they were all lying down.
The wrapping was crumpled in a blue plastic bag.
Dear driver please ignore the lost garbage tag.
The children are bored now, they need something new.
The Polar Bear Swim just wouldn’t do.
So Mama decided, I soon felt a tap,
And heard her declare ‘It’s no time for a nap!’
‘Today’s a great day to check out The Civic.
There must be a movie with the Grinch or St Nick.’
My fingers they flew to google their website,
To scan for showtimes, whether daytime or night.
It sure beats shovelling the new fallen snow,
Or pulling the sled cause I’m starting to slow.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Not a single PG flick playing this year.
Ok I’ll be patient, I know that’s the way,
When a single screen limits just what to play.
I know they’re looking for funding somewhere,
Some grants, or donations, they can’t be that rare.
Now Christina, now Edward, now Alice, and your mom,
We’ll just wait and see when Mary Poppins will come.
One theatre, two, three’s even better,
A Chic Flick, a cartoon, a Ted Talk for the neighbour.
So, patience for now, it may take over a year,
But this town comes thru, that’s always been clear.
We’re off to the golf course, go grab the sleds!
Go find your snow boots, mitts, a toque for your heads.
We’ll let the new Council, CBT, MLA,
Make plans with The Civic, some clever way.
I know I read somewhere they enjoy the support
Of members and donors, too much to abort.
Since Home Building donated there’s bound to be more.
A campaign can start, a groundswell will soar.
Until then we’ll come to see Oscar Contenders.
Every bit helps build a Media Arts Centre.
Then The Civic’s Board will exclaim as the new year draws near,
‘Our thanks to you all for good wishes and cheer!’

Of course, despite the poetic flourishes, the theatre will show cinema for all ages over the holiday so we’ll see you all there. Oh, and Mary Poppins should drop by in mid-January. A nice warm movie for a cold quiet month.

The Nelson Civic Theatre Board, staff and dedicated volunteers wish everyone joy, peace, good health, and the occasional small bag of popcorn. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful year. See you in 2019!