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Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the fandango

~ by Brian May, NCTS Board Member

People rarely say it to my face but I see it in their eyes.  They meet me and wonder, ‘When will Brian May ever be up on that silver screen?’ So I’m pleased to reply “Well, this weekend as a matter of fact.”

Of course I refer to the real one. The smarter one. Curly hair. Decent guitar player. Probably drives a better car. He’ll be up there with Freddie Mercury and mates from Queen. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ plays from Friday Nov. 2 until Nov.8. The buzz on the street is that actor Rami Malek shines in the roll of lead singer Mercury and the music is ‘Guaranteed to blow your mind’ (Killer Queen – 1974)

Naturally, just before writing this, I was asked if I had any ‘real Brian May’ stories. I rolled my eyes and smiled, ignoring the question, oh, for a good 5 seconds before mumbling, ‘well ya, some.’ When someone famous chooses to share your name things happen. There was this time in 1978 when I was boarding a plane to London and they all walked by in their long fur coats to the first class seats …. but, never mind. Those closest to me have heard that story way too many times. I’ll spare you the details.

But I never saw them live and so I’m going to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Other than that, what’s new Brian? Well in the old news category, the elections over and no matter which voice inspired you to show up at the polls I hope you agree that it’s great to see this town’s  commitment to the process. The provincial turnout averaged 36% but Nelson hit 55% and fielded a spectrum of 19 passionate candidates willing to work on our behalf. It amazes me how we all get involved and how we support initiatives that create vibrant opportunities for everyone else. The election is just one testimony to that.

In the related new news category, The Civic Theatre is going to be contacting friends and the wider community to support us while we transition from a single theatre to a community media arts centre. We’ve worked hard to build the operation and to build our unique vision. Now we’re building relationships and a portfolio of applications to build the three screen venue. In the meantime we have to stick around to reap the rewards. So we’re starting a fundraiser, ‘Come Together’.

As you’ve heard before, operating a single screen means we’re at the whims of distributors who require multi-week runs of single films. We don’t get to decide to show a film for a single week on opening and many distribution companies insist that when a film is on our screen, we aren’t allowed to do anything else in our theatre. Despite the fact that our team has become very good at managing the budget and choosing films for this community, operations under this scenario leads to small operating deficits.

We are looking to our community supporters to help us bridge the gap between our current financial reality and our future 3-screen model. Unlike other non-profits we are not looking to establish a donor base for giving in perpetuity. Once our renovation is complete, we expect to be 100% self-funding for the foreseeable future. Your support now is an investment in that future.

Details are already posted under a Donate Now section of our website. It leads to a link for, the organization that helps charities like ours in their fundraising and tax receipt management.  Letters will be sent around shortly. In the meantime renew your membership and come to the movies. Now that membership has grown to over 1,200 if every one of them came twice a month our financial gap would be closed. Simple.

So if the headline for this column made perfect sense to you or if it completely confused you but you are innately curious we’ll see you at The Civic.