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Pop Stars in Movies

A Star Is Born is the latest in a long line of movies starring pop stars. In this case, the pop star in question is Lady Gaga, who can now add stellar acting to her impressive list of career achievements. She plays opposite Bradley Cooper, who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay. He’s an alt-country singer struggling with alcoholism; she’s a talented singer on the rise.

I was vaguely aware of Lady Gaga during her early career in the late 2000s, but it was in 2012 that I developed a fondness for her song “Alejandro” in somewhat unusual circumstances. I was living in Pisac, Peru for three months with my family, and for a good chunk of that time a circus was set up just across from our hostel. Every morning we were woken by the sound of lions roaring, then every evening the circus would open with the same few pop songs played at full blast, one of which was “Alejandro.” (I know lions in circuses are most definitely not cool, but being woken by lions roaring is kinda cool.) I can’t say I’m a huge fan of all Lady Gaga’s music, but I’m full of admiration for her as a performer, fashion icon, and social activist.

Based on what I’ve read and heard about it, A Star Is Born sounds like a movie I’ll like a lot. There have been many other movies starring musicians that I’ve enjoyed; here’s a brief selection:

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