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Imagine the Possibilities!

A few years ago we had a movie theatre here in Nelson and then things changed. Then more things changed. Then the entire movie industry changed.

Digital projection is here, and it has changed everything.

The recurring theme in our publicity is “Imagine”… Imagine the possibilities of our new community theatre.

If all goes to plan, our new theatre will have a fully digital projection system. This means 3-D (which is cool) but what’s really cool are the choices for digital content.

A satellite system on the roof will beam down content which could be played all week, a few days, or simply as a one-time special event. This just wasn’t possible a few years ago!

Digital content means we could play:

  • 3D Digital Dolby Surround Sound feature movies – no more mono sound and grainy images
  • Classic & foreign films – Got a favourite?
  • Live From The Met Opera performances  – no need for opera glasses
  • Live sporting events – the Stanley Cup, rugby final or the NBA with hundreds of friends!
  • Pay-Per-View television events – too bad we didn’t have that for the 2012 Olympics!
  • YouTube videos – how about an online video “show-and-tell” with a few hundred friends?
  • Live and recorded music events – does Shambhala have live streaming?!
  • Video Games – “Mario Cart” on a 30′ screen!??
  • Home Videos – Perhaps a private members event to share home videos?
  • Film Festivals
  • The Oscars
  • …. and more!

We’re in communication with movie industry experts today to find out all the new possibilities that the digital revolution will offer our community. This is Nelson after all, we have to be a bit different!

This ain’t your grandparent’s movie theatre any more!


… and remember, as a member you get to help us select what we show!  Sign up today!