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Ho Ho Ho Holidays! Join The Civic’s Winter Scavenger Hunt

School’s out and people are getting ready for the holidays.  This is a great time to get together with family and friends.  Here at The Civic, we thought we might suggest a fun game to play together over the holidays.

Join our Winter Scavenger Hunt!  When you post your photos and videos to Facebook, every item will earn you points, with the top three scores winning prizes!

What, did you say prizes

Well, of course! The three top scores will win gift certificates for two to enjoy a movie, popcorn and drinks on us! All entries through January 1, 2019 at midnight will be considered as part of the tally.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take your photo or video.
  2. Post to Facebook @NelsonCTS with hashtags #CivicScavengers AND #100, #200, #500 or #1000, depending on the category you are fulfilling. (Important: You need to hashtag the points value to get it!)

A few important notes:

  • Don’t annoy anyone and please ask people first if you can take their pictures. Let’s keep it fun and friendly out there!
  • Keep it clean.  Posting images or videos that are demeaning or inappropriate will get you disqualified. (See the first note!)
  • Individual or team competitors are both permitted.  This might be more fun with a friend. 😉

Here is the list:

For 100 points:    

Take a photo of…

  • A snowflake
  • A chocolate overdose
  • Fist bumping Santa
  • Stuck in the snow
  • A huge Xmas tree
  • An out of province license plate (Bonus 200 points if it’s out of country)
  • An angel
  • A snowball fight
  • Milk and cookies
  • Facewash
  • Icicle unicorn
  • A babe in a manger (nativity scene)
  • Three wise men (three old guys standing together)
  • Ski bum
  • The worst gift a person could possibly get
  • Snowman
  • Tongue stuck on a pole
  • Making a child smile
  • “Oops. Didn’t mean for that to go in the dumpster.”
  • Candy cane gun fight
  • “It’s what I always wanted! Thanks Santa!”
  • Eggnogging (Yes, we turned it into a verb. Figure it out.)
  • Drummer Boy (or girl, or whatever.. Something drumming)
  • A Star
  • Christmas lights (bonus 100 points if they’re those big old glass ones)
  • Reindeer
  • Capture your reflection in an unexpected place
  • Unlikely xmas ornament

For 200 points:

Take a Photo or Video of…

    • Video: Makeshift sleigh ride
    • Yellow snow. Don’t eat it.
    • Posed as part of an Xmas display
    • Helping an elderly person (lift groceries, cross the road, beat up Rudolf…)
    • Video: Christmas song with a stranger (bonus 200 points for freestyle rap edition)
    • Whatever got you on the “naughty” list (video or photo)
    • That feel good thing that got you back on the “nice” list (video or photo)
    • A christmas nightmare (subjective and in the eye of the beholder)
    • Video: “Check out this sweet move bruh!” (also subjective)
    • Ultimate Xmas house decorations (exterior)
    • Video: Discuss with a stranger the discrimination of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer by all of the other reindeer.
    • “I can’t believe we both fit in here!”

For 500 points:

    • Video or photo: A Christmas miracle! (only awarded to one team or entrant. Judges will decide which situation is the most miraculous).
    • Video: Recite ‘You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” backwards.
    • Video: An interaction with a stranger where the only conversation from your side is reciting lines from the Christmas carol “Sleigh Ride”
    • Ultimate Christmas portrait (only gets rewarded to one team and must be taken on your journey). Voted on by judges.
    • Video: Describe to a stranger what Turducken is.

For 1000 points:

  • Music video (one take) set to Feliz Navidad. Must be lip syncing.
  • Video-bomb random people by saying “Bah humbug”. Create a montage (minimum 5 different scenes in the montage).