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Back from the Dead: Nelson Civic Theatre by Jason Asbell

P1010753From Art house cinema to Zombie Funeral Jazz band, the revived Civic Theatre is covering the A to Z of what a community venue should be.

A year and a half ago the dedicated board and volunteers of The Nelson Civic Theatre Society took over the old cinema, which had then been three-years closed. The community was vocal in its desire to have its cinema back, but with a screen on a fly and the biggest stage in Nelson, the board instantly saw the potential for a truly multi-use venue. It was no secret what challenges beset a single screen cinema dominated by the restrictions of a cinema distribution system that caters to the multi-plex, but rather than succumb to the challenges, the Board saw an opportunity for a unique community engaged venue. Within a month and half after beginning a grass roots community fundraising campaign, the cinema was converted from an almost obsolete 35mm projector and mono sound to a state of the art digital projector, 7.1 surround system and full acoustic treatment of the auditorium. By choosing to open films ‘late run’, three weeks after release, the society was able to… read more in BC Musician >>