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An Invitation To A Crowdsourced Screening Of “Sold” – Oct. 19th

An invitation to a crowdsourced screening of “Sold” – Oct. 19th


I have a message and an offer to bring to you: The movie SOLD and a U.N. project Operation Big Sister fund-raiser.

The Civic Theatre is bringing the feature movie SOLD to Nelson Oct. 19th through Crowdrising. Purchase your Tickets by Oct. 7th to secure the screening. Topic: child trafficking world-wide.

SOLD brings a personal story of a 13-year old girl, Lakshmi, from Nepal, who is trafficked across the border by her family and locked in a brothel in India. The producer and the director of the film worked for 8 years to do the research, finding actors and finally doing the filming and editing.

Yes, it’s a touchy topic and an important one. One that exists even here in Nelson: abuse and sex trafficking of women, children girls and even boys.

Pope Francis and 11 leaders of major religions held a conference at the Vatican in Dec. 2014 and signed Declaration to End Human Slavery and Trafficking by 2020. Amma, “the hugging saint” and Thich Nhat Hanh’s top representative were invited to represent the Buddhist faith.


U.N. statistics estimate that global human trafficking is surpassing both the illegal drug and the arms trade!

Human (including children) sex trafficking is rising exponentially due to the

    • anonymity of internet marketing and selling
    • the mass media in all forms depicting women’s and girls’ bodies as a commodity.

If you would like to learn more and find a way to contribute to ending human slavery, here is a great project called

Operation Big Sister

85 women had worked with humor and creativity for 8 years, targeting the buyers, to finally influence the Icelandic police and politicians to enforce their 10-year old law criminalizing buyers of sex, virtually ending prostitution, pornography and human trafficking in Iceland.  

Panel Presentation of Pathways to Peace at the 60th Commission on the Status of Women March 2016 (1 hr 20 min) – HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL:

  • This video includes short talks by Fred Fuchs, the producer of the Godfather and now producing a feature film on Operation Big Sister
  • and also telling his story is a former trafficker, Winston from Toronto, who trafficked girls internationally for 35 years. He had an ‘epiphany’ and is now standing up against trafficking and sex slavery and will be part of the cast in the Operation Big Sister film!
  • In the last 10-min. Sheva introduces the fund-raising project for Operation Big Sisters feature film and educational package.

Operation Big Sister is fund-raising for the production of

    • completion of a feature film produced by Fred Fuchs (the script is written, the actors secured)
    • a documentary accompanying film of success stories
    • an education package by PCI Media Impact: aimed to bring awareness into schools and communities, using video games, creative arts and curriculum with DVDs. “tell your story; change the world”.

To support the fund-raising for this amazing project, please click on the Civic event link to the movie SOLD and link to Operation Big Sister fund-raiser.

There are 2 organizations in Nelson (that I’ve found out about) who are aware of the vulnerability of children and are providing support:

Martial Arts For Justice trains girls and boys in self-defense and self-respect

Pura Vida provides a shelter for vulnerable girls in Guatamala

see you there,