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AGM – Awesome Groovy Meeting

AGM – Awesome Groovy Meeting

We wish to extend a huge thank you to all of you that attended our first-ever AGM! 291 members came out to show support, ask questions and VOTE! We love calling the Civic “Your Theatre” and yesterday was a great example of how engaged and interested our members are in our project, and for that we can’t thank you enough.

To top off a great meeting we’ve spent the day reading some wonderful emails, including this one:

EXCELLENT AGM yesterday!!  That was truly wonderful to attend…. nice to feel the collaborative energy of those up on the stage…. and all the acknowledgements of the many and varied volunteer positions that are behind the scenes.   It was a, ‘I’m proud of my community’, moment for me.  And the turnout for the AGM was awesome.  This really is a remarkable community.   I enjoyed the movie that was offered for the afternoon’s entertainment (although Roger Ley is entertaining, all by himself!!).

Big goals are set for the coming year, but I have no doubt that the community will rise to the challenges.  I hope lots of people stepped forward to join in the volunteer activities that are needed.  If my plate wasn’t already overfull with my various volunteer activities, I would be on your team!!  And my roles in my volunteerism is one of leadership, not just participation, so it’s not that easy to pass them along to others.  Perhaps one day.


Donna Nett, Sales Consultant, Pennywise Publications


We look forward to another exciting year with free Member Movie Mondays (mmm…), special events and of course more great movie magic.

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