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Advanced Ticket Sales

Advanced Ticket Sales

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce advanced tickets for our movies! 

You can purchase tickets for our upcoming movies from our events page.

At this point we do not have the resources to build or buy a ticketing system that supports our full matrix of ticket prices. We hope to have a system like this in place in the future when we are open more regularly  We aplogise for the inconvenience and ask for your patience. We considered not offering any advanced tickets without a full system in place, but have decided to listen to the demand and offer a single “online” ticket price – we hope this is better than nothing!

Please bring your electronic receipt as proof-of-payment when you arrive at the theatre, and please be prepared to line up just in case we can’t handle the volume of guests! Again we apologise for this imperfect system – please be patient while we work through this additional process and improve it  throughout the weekend…. this is our first attempt at advanced sales!



  • All advanced tickets are priced at our online price of $10.00
  • Advanced tickets are non-refundable, and final sale
  • Advanced tickets guarantee you a seat but may not let you “skip” the line – we’re sorry, we just don’t have enough trained staff to handle two line ups
  • All “staff” are generous volunteers – please be patient while we work to improve this system!
  • As we test out new ideas throughout our first full movie weekend we will try to improve this process!!

If you are a ticketing expert and have experience with IT Systems (we are a WordPress site) please let us know if you have a ticketing solution that will help us!

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