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AC Operational Very Soon!

AC operational very soon!

Feeling the heat?

We know you are and we are feeling the heat from the expectations that the air conditioner would be in operation by now.  There was some confusion caused by our post about going black this past Tuesday for the AC installation project and I apologize to anyone who may have decided to come out to a movie since expressly for the AC.

What wasn’t clear in the post was, that Tuesday was the beginning of the installation for the internal portion of the work and that work still needed to be done on the roof for the setting of the unit itself and then finally to run power to it. We expect that this work should be completed by the evening of Wed. July 16 at earliest and Fri. July 18 at the latest.

Again, my sincerest apologies and thanks for your understanding.

I hope that everything is still cool with us.



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