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A Great Time To Say Yes To Membership

A Great Time to Say Yes to Membership

Click Here to Renew Your Membership!


document (1)-page-001For many of us, our NCTS memberships are expiring.  And this is the moment when we all ask ourselves (as we all should!) if it’s something we want to renew.

Here at The Civic, we want you to say yes to another year of NCTS membership, so we have been hard at work setting the stage for a great year of benefits for our members.  Here’s what we have in store for you:

1.  A discount at the box office: you can look forward to saving $1 on every ticket that you purchase when you come to the theatre.  (And by the way, membership cards are now available to everyone right away at the time of purchase.  If you have been waiting for your card, just ask the next time you are at the theatre.  And thank you so much for your patience!)

2.  Up to 12 FREE movies over the course of the year.  Member Monday screenings are strictly for members only.  This year we have shown The Wrath of Khan, Ghostbusters and The Princess Bride, among other favourites, and we’re already plotting the awesome Member Monday gems we will bring to the big screen in the coming year.  (We can hardly wait!)

3.  Member-only perks, discounts and special offers throughout the year.  We’re building partnerships with businesses now and will soon have an area on our website with details.  But NEW this year, we are already offering an Art on Screen Subscription and Punch Passes for Thursday Nights and our general screenings, all of which is only available to members and can offer as much as 20 % off on movie tickets, over and above member pricing! AND, punch passes offer FREE online reservations (which for non-members are $15!)

4.  A vote at the AGM. This is important because NCTS wants to stay firmly connected with our local community, so your participation at the AGM helps us to serve our membership better.  (Of course, no pressure to be there either.)

5.  Making a significant difference in the growth of your local cinema.  Memberships add up to important income for us that genuinely supports our bottom line. PLUS, a substantial membership is a head-turner when we apply for grants: it is a great indication that our society is important to the community we serve, and will support us as we embark on our Capital Campaign to continue our renovations.


ONLINE is easy: click here to get started.20150626_191313

IN PERSON: There are lots of opportunities to purchase your membership in person, using cash, cheque or credit card:

We were just at Marketfest (check out the picture of Jason Asbell with our old 35mm weighs 300 lbs!) and we’ll be there again in July and August.

On Wednesdays in front of the Royal Bank, during the regular Wednesday Markets (with many thanks to RBC).

At the Movies: our membership table in our lobby will be open for business at every movie through of July.

Come see us in the daytime! (unofficially) While we are still working on having official daytime hours, if you happen to come by the theatre and there is someone in the office, we will happily help you with your membership.


Hmm, to subscribe or not to subscribe.  Well, here’s a litmus test to help you decide:

ART ON SCREEN: Do you plan to come to more than 5 opera, dance or art films in 2015-16?  Subscribing will save you money, reserve your tickets, and bypass waiting in the box office line.

PUNCH PASSES: Do you see more than 5 movies in a year?  Passes are for 10 films and good for two years,* and give you up to 20% off of Member Pricing, meaning Punch Pass holders definitely get the very best deal on tickets.  And reservations are FREE with a Punch Pass, as opposed to $15 for regular online purchasers.

If you have questions about any aspect of our Membership, Subscriptions, or Punch Passes, please email us at, call us at 250.352.5833, or just come by.

*Second year use requires membership renewal.