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$30,000 Concession Challenge

$30,000 Concession Challenge

New seats – CHECK!
Best digital projector in the Kootenays– CHECK!
Best surround-sound system– CHECK!
New concession… The time has come.

With all the glorious upgrades we’ve made, it’s always a shock to see the state of our lobby – we aren’t afraid to admit it! A full renovation of the lobby must wait until our major renovation but my-oh-my we can’t wait any longer for a new concession!

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” ]Update!
We are over half-way to raising the $30,000.00!
We have less than $15,000.00 to go![/box]

The popcorn machine is ancient, inefficient, smelly and just too small for our 306 seats. The old storage cupboards are crumbling, and inadequate. Fountain pop–a high-margin item–is something our members are always asking about. We’ll keep selling coconut water, BlueSky and other popular canned drinks of course, but fountain pop is popular, profitable and all the other cinemas have it! There will be other additions as well but we can’t give away all the surprises!

As a community-owned theatre our revenue (“The Bottom line”) is an important consideration for our on-going sustainability. In the cinema business the concession is a major revenue source – unlike our box office, we don’t have to send percentages of popcorn sales to film distributors!

Naturally, renovations and upgrades costs money and we are, for the only time this year, making a general call to our members and community to help us get there.

We have been awarded a $50,000 SIDIT matching-funds grant. SIDIT leverages their granting funds and requires us to raise $355,000.00 – and we only have $30,000 have less than $15,000 to go! We’re 95% done!

We are turning to our community to help us raise this last amount – through donations, seat sponsorships and of course ticket and concession sales during our Nelson Hustle events.

Last year over 340 people sponsored a seat – if 120 60 sponsor a seat today we’ll have our $30,000.00 $15,000.00!

We at NCTS are conscious of not soaking up all the local fundraising dollars so this public call to help us meet this $30,000.00 goal will be the only public fundraising we will do this year – assuming of course we hit our target! A bit like a public television pledge drive!

Our members and community have been incredible at supporting this project, and we hope you will consider helping us once again for this push.

Please consider donating to our project – your donations are tax-deductable and can be made easily and securely online by clicking the button below:

[button color=”red” size=”small” link=”/donate” ]Donate today![/button]

We also have seat sponsorships available – for $250.00 you can have your name on our donor wall and larger donations have larger benefits.  Click here to sponsor a seat today or fill out a form and drop it by the theatre at your next visit.

[button color=”red” size=”small” link=”/seatsponsorship” ]Sponsor a seat today![/button]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible first year, for your generosity, for your support and for your patronage.

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