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3 Questions With Shayne Kasai: My Summer At Queens Bay

3 Questions with Shayne Kasai: My Summer at Queens Bay

We caught up with Shayne Kasai about his film My Summer at Queens Bay, which is being screened Sunday September 24th, as a part of #Kinesis2017.

Why did you make this film?

There were a couple of reasons for this film: ever since Steve Martin waved at the crowd (which included me) from a window on Baker street, I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay that took place in a charming small town. I’m also deeply inspired by other films like Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Planes Trains and Automobiles. The other major reason for this fim was to give everyone (including myself) exposure to this kind of filmmaking and build a community around local Nelson actors/actresses and filmmakers.

Is there something in particular in the Kootenay film community/industry that you hope to see improve?  How would that improvement impact you as a filmmaker?

There are amazing filmmakers, actors/actresses and writers out here. I would love to see more stories being told out here, maybe even a feature. That would be amazing! I think Kinesis is the kickstarter for this.

What was your most memorable moment during filming/production?

Zach, Maddy and myself were shooting some b-roll along the tracks on the final day. We were in a bit of a rush because we had a dinner reservation for the cast and crew. After filming Zach walking down the tracks we jumped in the car and drove off. As we were nearing the restaurant, I felt compelled to ask Zach and Maddy if my bag of lenses were in the backseat… a bag full lenses worth about $1,000. After realizing that I had left the bag on the tracks, we turned the car around and it was at the point that I decided to focus on screenwriting.

Shayne Kasai is the producer of My Summer at Queens Bay and the filmmaker behind Pilot Bay Films.

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