3 Questions with Bryce Comer: The Last Mountain Caribou

The Last Mountain Caribou is a film that follows photographer Bryce Comer’s struggle to find & film the caribou of the south Selkirk mountains at a time when their numbers are plummeting. You can see his work this coming Sunday at #Kinesis2017

What was your most memorable moment during filming/production?

It would definitely have to be the first time I encountered the caribou. After searching for 9 months, it was great to finally lay eyes on them!

As a filmmaker, who has inspired you most?

An Australian film maker by the name of Malcolm Douglas. His films were always about his adventures in the outback of Australia, fishing, hunting & camping. Back then, he would take his latest film all around the country to show it, & I looked forward to seeing his latest adventure when ever I could.


What about the Kinesis weekend are you looking forward to the most?

I am really looking forward to seeing the reaction to my film. Not only because the film is about an iconic animal disappearing from our own backyard, but also because it is my first ever film, & the premier of that film!

Bryce Comer is the director of The Last Mountain Caribou, which will be premiering Sunday at Kinesis. To Learn More about his film and the rest of the Kinesis weekend: https://civictheatre.ca/whats-on/kinesis-2017/