3 Questions with Bryan Webb: The Hat Maker

Bryan Webb is the filmmaker behind The Hat Maker, which will be screening Sunday at Kinesis 2017! We had a chat about his film and about life as a filmmaker in the Kootenays.


As a filmmaker, who has inspired you most?

I’ve always been inspired by Big Monster films starting with Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, which is my all time favourite film. I love rough independent styled films that some of the younger Hollywood directors are creating nowadays. It was Gareth Edwards, Monsters that made me drop carpentry and change careers. He was able to take a meager budget and create a hollywood blockbuster. Nothing more inspiring than that for me as a filmmaker.


What do you think contributes to a thriving film industry? Do you feel that you/yourfilm helps contribute to that?

Passion. Without a passionate film makers the industry will stall. This area is saturated with talent and all we need is a break an idea to bring us together. You can feel the energy in the industry, this town is just waiting to explode with filmmaking.


What inspired you to make your film?

I wanted to create something that challenged my skills in colour grading and cinematography which got me excited about wanting to create even more films. This film is now one in a line of many of a series that will be coming out this year. Hopefully other filmmakers will see what is being created in the region and get inspired themselves.


Bryan Webb is a Nelson, BC filmmaker who’s short film The Hat Maker will be screening Sunday at Kinesis. Learn More about the weekend and Get Tickets: https://civictheatre.ca/whats-on/kinesis-2017/