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Whenever I Hear The Word Culture…

Whenever I hear the word culture…

Jerry Prokosch, a crude and venal American film producer played by Jack Pallance in Godard’s 1963 film masterpiece, Contempt, prolaims, “whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my chequebook.” While this may be true much of the time, you can keep your cheque book at home for the weekend of activities planned all over Nelson during BC Culture Days, Sept 30 – Oct 2.  For a list of all the free cultural events happening visit,

Amongst the great offerings, The Civic Theatre is presenting an exciting session of film and discussion. Building the Future of the Screen-Based Industry (film and online media) in the Kootenay-Columbia Region, will bring together voices from the sector working remotely from the Kootenay region and discuss hurdles and solutions in an effort to bring the disparate industry talents together and form a hub to foster more production, post and distribution within the region.

Bookending the discussion, The Civic Theatre will be offering two free screenings of BC produced films.  Prior to the discussion, The Bad Mother, partially shot, directed by and starring talent from Creston will screen at 3pm, Oct 1st. The film, which was a sell-out at The Tivoli in Creston, comes to Nelson along with its director and star, Sarah Kapoor.   

The acclaimed film stars a real family and tells the story of Tara, a mid-30s woman who has to lean out of her career to take care of her kids. The lid of her frustration is blown off when her five-year-old son accidentally posts a private rant she wrote about her husband’s evil workplace to the Internet. Tara and her family must deal with the dizzying consequences which include drug cocktails, the humbling eye of her own mother, and a reunion with her ex-boyfriend, played by superfood “rock star” David Avocado Wolfe. In respect of the working mother, we are making every effort to be able to provide free childcare for the screening a talk following – details to follow.

Following the discussion at approximately 5:30pm, The Civic Theatre is thrilled to be screening the Vancouver/Norway co-production, Violent, which was showcased at Canne’s Film Festival and comes to Nelson just following its general release premiere in Vancouver.

Written and directed by Andrew Huculiak of the BC indi-prog rock band, We Are The City, Violent acts as a companion to their third studio album of the same name. Though the film features an original score by the band, none of the band’s songs are featured in the film. The film follows Dagny (Dagny Backer Johnsen), a young woman longing to escape small town life and move to the big city. Dagny’s mother arranges for her to work for a family friend who lives in the city. Dagny recalls her most recent memories of the five people who loved her the most, all while experiencing a catastrophic event.

So whether you are a lone voice working in relative isolation in the screen-based industry, a film enthusiast, or someone interested in stimulating new opportunities for the region, this is first, must attend event, sure to lead to many conversations going forward.