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115 Seats Sponsored… 190 To Go?

115 seats sponsored… 190 to go?

You may have heard we passed the $100,000 mark of our Community Challenge!  Amazing.

With just over 1 month to go we just need to sponsor another 190 seats before our May 1st target and we will have the funds needed to go digital and complete our first round of design work!

At our past movie weekend we handed out lots of Seat Sponsorship forms so if you have one sitting on your kitchen table ready to be filled out and returned now is your chance!

Our hope is to eventually train an army of volunteers to run the front-of-house (tickets, concession, cleaning…) which would allow us to open up more frequently, show more movies, run fundraisers with other local groups, bring in live music acts and more! Right now we have our heads down focused on our fundraising efforts and we’re chomping at the bit to have more fun, but first things first….!

If you are able to sponsor a seat we very much appreciate your support and look forward to adding you to the list of existing sponsors below.  Remember, all seat sponsors will get their name on our donor plaque, as well as be entered to win a $500 gift card from our friends at Save On Foods!

Can’t afford a seat of your own? No problemo! Members Solona Armstrong and Patricia Henman had a great idea! Crowd funding the theatre by crowd funding some seats! Check out their facebook page “Buy a seat at the Civic Theater” where you can pledge $25, 1/10th of a seat, along with other community members to collectively buy seats! Fantastic idea! Thanks guys!

For all of you who have already sponsored a seat so far THANK YOU!

Seat sponsorship forms can be dropped off at the theatre with cheques made out to the City of Nelson (earmarked for our project) and we will take care of the rest.  Contact us for any additional information.

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  1. Hi Hazel,
    Names will not be going /on the seat/ – seats break and get replaced over time.

    We will put names up on a /plaque/ on our donor wall, as well as up on the big screen (once we are digital and technically able)

    As such, we don’t have a fixed letter limit, but we are limiting it to one name (or couple/family name) per seat. That means, if, say, 10 people work together to buy a seat they need to give us a team name (or similar) to use, not 10 individual names.

    Does that help?

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